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  • Hi All

    Is there a specific syllabus to cover in the dojo meets? or do we formulate our own program according to the needs and skills ?

    What has worked at other dojo’s ?

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Rhyno,

    There is no fixed syllabus, you are totally free to devise a programme that works for your Dojo based on available skills and resources, as well as what the attendees are interested in. We do, however, have a whole bunch of resources you could use to help you with that!

    • To get a feel for what a Dojo is like, check out our ethos & culture guide.
    • You can see an assortment of learning resources, both produced by the community and the foundation, on the Kata homepage, split into paths that cover a variety of topics that you might want to offer. I’ve not yet finished cleaning all of them up, but there should be something there for you on most subjects.

    It’s also worth noting that many Dojos are very loose in terms of what they cover, providing resources (like the Sushi Cards you can find on Kata) that the attendees can use to pursue their own direction of learning, relying on the Dojo mentors only to help them when they can’t figure out their own solutions.

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