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    As many of you will be aware in late 2015 we released the CoderDojo regional license (viewable here). The purpose of this was to set guidelines for groups wishing to establish a regional body to support CoderDojo on a broader level in their community. The license has been live for over six months nows & we've worked through it with a number of regional bodies. We are now revising it based on feedback recieved to date.

    If anyone has any feedback on it please let comment here for it to be incorporated.

    Some areas for consideration:

    • Naming of a regional group
    • Size of regional group
    • Best Practices for regional group
    • CoderDojo Foundation obligations

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts,


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    Great work ! :)

  • We wished the process had been smoother and more responsive - had to ping our contact repeatedly and still don't have some of the information we were promised months ago. Still, a great idea to have the regional groups. Thanks for doing it!

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    @West-Sound-CoderDojo Hi WestSound - I have a draft of the release done - I am still awaiting outputs from two other regional bodies in relation to it. Will be in contact by COB today.

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    @West-Sound-CoderDojo Thanks for this point Charles - we are always looking for different ways to evaluate our work and performance. One suggestion could be for us to send a short evaluation survey to groups that have finished the regionalisation process, this would help us to look at ways we can improve the process on a 1:1 basis with different groups.

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