CoderDojo Coolest Projects Closing Soon!

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    Did you know there is less than a week to register for this year’s CoderDojo Coolest Projects in the RDS on June 18th? We would encourage you to email all your attendees and parents letting them know that participation in this awesome opportunity is open to everyone & to register project now →

    The event is all about participation. Projects entered do not need to be high tech or even totally finished. The process of thinking of an idea, building it and presenting it is one that most children do not get to experience until senior school or even university! The Coolest Projects builds confidence in CoderDojo ninjas and inspires them to keep coding and come back the following year with a great project.

    The event is about showcasing your creativity & imagination and not just your technical ability. Judges look at creativity, usability, presentation and coding. There are six categories Scratch, Websites, Games, Mobile, Hardware and Evolution.

    Projects are judged on:

    • Coolness: How cool & unique is the idea
    • Complexity: What technology is used
    • Presentation & Communication: How is the project communicated
    • Design & Usability: What does the project look like, is it user friendly?

    Need more inspiration? Check out some of last years presenters in our Coolest Projects Video

    Register your project here —>

    Book free tickets to attend here —>

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