Registration of a group project for Coolest Projects?

  • Hi,
    We are finding the UI a little confusing for registering a group project for Coolest Projects. Some questions:

    • Does each child have to register separately? If not, is only one age noted?
    • After registering a 3-person project, the “your projects” page shows #members as 2, Does this mean 2 additional members or is there something wrong with our registration?
    • If we edit the project description, the two ‘additional’ members’ names are lost. Is this a bug or does it mean we did something wrong?

    Michael from CoderDojo Athenry.

  • We have the same problem,
    plus: re-editing the submission in the section “Enter the full name(s) & email address(s) of others in your group. max(3)” the names are lost.

    Plus: we find a little confusing that, having registered the presenter, the system asks for others in the group, with a maximum of three. This means that there coud be 4 members projects? Furthermore the green buttns “Yes/No” representing group projects are not clicable

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Laura-Brandolini & @Michael-Madden - @Noel-King is looking at this bug at the moment. We’ll respond in full when its fixed with the solution. Do not worry about the upcoming deadline, all projects that are registered will be accommodated and we’ll ensure we get the correct details for groups.

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