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    Hi folks !
    We’re in the process of redesigning a couple of pages and we thought that having a personal page containing information relative to what you would like when you sign in could be beneficial.
    We have at the moment different types of users, which are not-exclusive (you can be more than one, eg both being a Mentor and a Parent).
    These user types includes :

    • Kids
    • Parents
    • Mentors

    We’d like to know what you would like in your Zen main page (the first page after login). So far, this is what we think may interest you :

    • If you’re a Kid
      • Courses related to the languages you put on your profile
      • Activities of others kids projects ( feature coming soon :) )
      • Next event of the Dojo/s you belongs to
    • If you’re a Parent
      • Next events/new Dojos near you
      • Your child’s progression
      • Explainations regarding the courses
    • If you’re a Mentor
      • New courses based upon dojos’ languages
      • Stats
        • regarding your sessions (usage/language/?)
        • regarding attendances
          For any of those ideas, we would love your feedback on this thread !
          If you want to be involved on the technical side, please visit our development repo :
          Voilà, that’s an non-exhaustive list, and we need you to tell us what’d you would like to see here :) (please specify your user type when you answer !)

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    Mentor / Champion:

    • Would be great to be able to see Stats on attendance: Average of X mentors & X amount of kids over the last few sessions.
    • How many sessions left in the term.
    • Reminder to award badges (e.g You’ve been running a HTML stream for 6 weeks, reward you ninjas with the HTML beginner badge’
    • Forum discussion feed

    Parent Champion:

    • “special event updates” e.g CoderDojo Coolest Projects registration.

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    The activity feed for champions and parents could also contains latest awarded badges as a way of showing off progression

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Really looking forward to the redesign! Definitely like the plan for new courses based upon dojos’ languages and Giustina’s suggestion for a Forum discussion feed.

    Another idea is if Kids could include images/links of projects they’ve completed or working on that would be cool too, so that when a ninja logs in a selection of other projects children around the world are completing would show up.

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    I’ve put together some (still only partially finished!) wireframes of a personal dashboard experience for Zen. Alex, my hypothetical user, is both a parent and Champion of two Dojos.

    Check them out here.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Those are not definitive, but that’s a great base to discuss, thanks @Philip-Harney :)

  • One thing that I am unsure of is the idea that there are distinct fixed roles for participants… Let’s take a couple of real world examples;
    -Kevin from my Dojo 0 who started as a kid and is still a kid (14)
    -Kevin quickly became a mentor and then a lead mentor. How does the system account for that?
    -Kevin now working in a new Dojo - Tory Top Library where it is likely he will become a champion. How does a fixed role work for that?

    • In an Ideal future Kevin gets married has kids and they become dojo participants. Kevin’s role could continue to accumulate.

    I suspect that over time as peoples roles evolve the idea of fixed roles is not consistent with the 3rd normal form of good database management.

    I propose that there be one role for people at CoderDojo and then a bunch of attributes that can come and go and that we should organize the dashboard to encourage kids to unlock achievements in the future even the distant future transition to parent :-)

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    @Bill-Liao It’s not, at least as I’m designing it (@Guillaume-Feliciano can comment on implementation), a case of fixed roles for participants. It’s also not a case of a single role per participant.

    The standard design pattern for this sort of thing is a case of multiple sets of permissions which would apply, with roles simply serving as convenient collections to assign them. This also allows for scenarios where users hold multiple roles or different roles with respect to different Dojos, etc.

    To walk through your scenarios:

    • Kevin from Dojo 0 who started as a kid and is still a kid (14): His profile says Ninja as a title and is appropriately obfuscated given his youth.
    • Kevin is made a Mentor by his Dojo’s Champion: His profile says Mentor Ninja as a title and is appropriately obfuscated given his youth. He now has Mentor level permissions to the Dojo 0 listing.
    • Kevin either setting up or taking over as Champion of a Dojo: His profile says Champion Ninja as a title and is appropriately obfuscated given his youth. He still has Mentor level permissions to the Dojo 0 listing in addition to Champion permissions to the Tory Top Library listing.
    • Many years later, Kevin Jr. joins CoderDojo: Kevin, now over 18, adds a child to his profile and thereby picks up the Parent role. Kevin Jr. appears on Kevin’s profile (only to those who can see Kevin Jr’s profile though) and Kevin on Kevin Jr’s. His title reads Champion, assuming he’s still running the Tory Top Library Dojo and is fully visible as Adult Champions are. He still has Mentor level permissions to the Dojo 0 listing in addition to Champion permissions to the Tory Top Library listing and Parent permissions to Kevin Jr’s profile.

  • Cool,

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Now from a UI perspective does KEvin get any visual cues that he can and should “unlock” those additions to his profile?

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Bill-Liao Respectively:

    • To become a Ninja Mentor — Not actively. He’ll see it on other Ninjas and potentially as a badge, etc. Longer-term, we could consider it as something that gets highlighted to him once he’s got some intermediate badges or projects registered, or attended enough Dojos.
    • To start a Dojo — Yes. On the “My Dojos” page, where he can see the Dojos he’s a member of, he’ll see the option to Start a Dojo. Currently this isn’t in any way special-cased for the fact he’s a child, but it’s something we may want to look at longer-term too.
    • To become Champion of an existing Dojo — No, but the existing Champion will see the option to transfer the Dojo to him, if they look for it in the usual permissions controls.
    • To register his child (and thereby gain the Parent role) — Yes. Once he’s an adult he’ll gain the “My Children” button and on that screen will have a prompt to add a child.

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