• Hello, is there an API available to retrieve data from the ZEN database?

    In our case, we would like to retrieve all Belgium Dojo’s from the DB and the dates of the events to list them on our website. But I can imagine there are numerous other possibilities to use such an API…


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    Hey Frank,
    Only one API is available atm, the one used by Zen on front-end and it’s restricted to a certain list of domain names.
    We aim to make it more open, but to do so we need to setup some kind of limited access key for domains we don’t have control upon to ensure that data is no leaked out (user data mostly).
    It’s in the pipe as we had 2-3 others requests last week, and we have some possible documentation for it through a swagger.
    So, short answer : not right right now, but very soon :)

  • great! and understand the security concern.

    maybe an idea to use an “open/insecured” part with eg only the listing of locations and events?
    that would make it possible for a lot of others to promote Dojo’s…

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    The scope is still to be defined, but I believe that yes, it’s going to be anything but user-related, which means that event data can be recovered, but not the attendances for example.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Just a word to say that we have a swagger online now, it’s far from complete (not all of them are having the params) but that’s a start :)
    Also, we’re currently reworking on permissions, and API roles (website/clients/etc) will probably come up into that ;)

  • thanks @Guillaume-Feliciano !
    will have to give it a try to find all dojos in belgium and then the list of events per dojo
    always welcome to point me in correct direction for the parameters for the requests… ;-)

  • Hi everybody,

    is there any example of how to use the API /api/2.0/events/{id} ?
    We have a website with a calendar of our events and it would be nice to retrieve data from the ZEN platform instead of rewriting everything each time.

    I know there is an iframe code to embed but it’s a limited option because we need to manually create an event page anyway and the interaction inside the iframe is a bad idea form a user perspective.
    We can’t create filter like “sold out” on listing…

    Even a RSS feed of events would be a nice solution.

    (Coderdojo Brianza)

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hey, It’s on our pipeline : https://github.com/CoderDojo/community-platform/issues/974 .I would personnaly liked to open it sooner, but we spent a bunch of time on security last months and rushing through a new UI sprint for september to make it more easy to use, so not time soon before september, i fear.
    If you could list what you would require as endpoint on the github issue, it would help us to restrict the scope of what need to be opened :)

  • I hope you don’t mind if I reply here because I’m not used to github.
    We’d like to access

    • upcoming and past events
    • event details (location, address, date, title, desc)
    • Session capacity
    • attending
    • waiting list

    Hope this can be useful

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Cool, I’ll add it up to the list :)
    What would be the usage of the attending/waiting list ?

  • When an event is fully booked, often parents write to us to asking if there will be “extra space”. If I can show the waiting list, maybe parents won’t flood our mailbox with requests :)

    It’s not a priority anyway.


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