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  • I have a new (just had our 10th session!) dojo, and thought I’d share a couple of challenge projects that the kids are enjoying. My objective with the challenges was to give them a project to work on that would push them more than the canned tutorials, but could be done once the beginner level tutorials were completed.

    The first challenge is a Scratch coin toss game. It’s called the Tucker challenge and the kids love it. Tucker is my son, and the idea came when he asked on the way home about building a coin toss game. As we talked about, I realized what a great little project it actually is. Here are the criteria:

    Tucker’s challenge – coin toss game. Must include a visualization of the coin flip, a random element to determine the flip, a counter of number of “heads” or “tails” to check randomness, a way to guess the result, and a counter of how many guessed correctly.

    I loved one of the entries this week, where instead of a coin they flipped a cookie which either came up chocolate chip or M&M.

    My second challenge is proving a challenge, and the first entry so far led to much amusement since “stop” wasn’t working yet. It’s a Raspberry Pi/Scratch stop light challenge.

    Ruth’s Pi challenge. Build a stop-light on the Raspberry Pi. Hook the stop light up to a Scratch sprite that moves according to the color of the light (go on green, go faster on yellow, stop on red:-)

    I now have kids coming to me wanting to define additional challenges. I’ll be adding them on my website at:

    If you guys have similar challenges, I’d love to use them with my dojo too.


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    Hi @Ruth-Willenborg101! This is pretty similar to the new Challenge Cards I’ve just published. Check them out!

  • These sound great! I’ll add these two to my list. I have one kid who should be ready for the HTML/CSS/Javascript one, and a couple who have just started Python so may be ready in a couple of weeks. Would you like my help turning the Scratch Coin toss and Raspberry Pi/Scratch traffic light into independent challenge cards? I also have a number of kids (especially the girls) who are enjoying doing a new quiz game challenge using Scratch and/or App Inventor.

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    Awesome! If you’d like to turn those into challenge cards and share them on Kata, that would be brilliant! It sounds like the quiz game one could work too. Let me know if there’s anything you need to do it.

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