Zen Functionality Restored!

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Dear Community Members,

    As you may be aware, certain features of Zen were unavailable due to maintenance. As of today, all functionality has been restored. We are really sorry if the down time inconvenienced any Dojo, Volunteer or Ninja.

    Last year Zen was redeveloped for the benefit of the global community. Its goal is to provide a single open source platform to make the experience of starting, running, joining and mentoring at a Dojo more enjoyable, efficient and sustainable. Since its launch in September 2015, we have continued to improve Zen based on invaluable feedback from Community members and the contributions of our Open Source developers. We appreciate all of the support and input received.

    Over the next number of weeks we are going to further develop the feature roadmap for Zen. User feedback is invaluable for us to prioritise in this development, please email us with any feedback at info@coderdojo.org.

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