Hi @Rhyno-Heydenrych - awesome to hear you’re getting ready to kick off. Either kicking off with a general Dojo and using promotion methods such as school or parent teacher networks as well as social media can work well. If you need mentors I’d advise you get in touch with local technology companies or tech networks in your area.

Other ways to launch can be by doing an open day with a few stands of cool technologies or stands to give parents a taster of what you want to cover. e.g. you can do a mini Scratch/HTML session and then maybe have some cool items like Raspberry Pi/Arduino for kids to mess around. I recently attended an open day like this which also drew in local Maker spaces or ‘Fab labs’ from the area who brought a 3D Printer or other cool exhibits that they use!

You can see a 2 pager ‘Start a Dojo’ guide for more info here on Kata>>

Let me know if you have any other ideas and looking forward to hear how other Champions have approached this.

Best wishes,