Hey guys,

I’m Chris, the chairman for the CoderDojo Netherlands foundations. Together with Tiemen we are responsible for supporting the community in our country. Currently our regional body exists almost 2 years and we managed to grow from 3 to over 50 dojos!

This is also what I like about our community, every member is so vastly motivated and enthusiastic! Whenever a new dojo gets on board we just see the excitement from the volunteers and how they are so passionate about everything they do. This comes back around when we see how this carries over to ninjas who make the most awesome things and sometimes even do something back for their mentors as well!

Of everything I have done within the CoderDojo Community, being the community lead and being able to grow the community in The Netherlands is probably the most rewarding and satisfying accomplishment so far.

"Above all, be cool! …and keep growing 😈 "